Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Maya!

It's hard to believe that she's 4 already!

The first day we brought her home, she weighed a whopping 12.5lbs, hid behind a table, bit everything and loved sticking her head out the car window.

She hid from the vacuum and was an 80's rock-star for a few days.

She's a puppy school graduate (2x)!

Now she crawls into bed when we let her,

looks out the window whenever possible,

curls up in the weirdest spots ever,
(I tried telling her to be more lady like but she didn't listen!)

likes riding in the car,

 and still cocks her head to the side when we're talking to her.

I can't believe that she's 4 already!!  Happy Birthday 'baby girl'!


  1. Happy birthday Maya! We have two fur babies ourselves who pretty much like doing everything Maya does except perhaps riding in the car - our bigger one gets carsick. Reading your post just totally made me smile!

  2. So cute!! Happy birthday to your fur baby!

  3. Happy Birthday Maya! I love her puppy pictures! She looks so similar to when our Finley was a baby. What is she mixed with?

  4. Oh Happy Birthday to your pretty puppy!

  5. your puppy is so pretty!

    I'm trying to remember, you are and your hubs live in orange county right??

    my family is there (and I grew up there) so i am there all the time :)


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