Monday, January 31, 2011

Miscellaney Monday !

1.  I'm sad to be leaving CA tomorrow.  It was a great time and I'm so happy we were able to pull it off.  Looking forward to recapping everything for you!  I wish I had been able to ski, but I know that it was just not a good idea to even risk it.  Next time, next time!

2.  I'm excited to go home tomorrow and see my 'baby girl'.  A week without her is a long time.  I just can't resist this cute face!

3.  This Bumbo seat cover on Etsy is so cute.  I will definitely be getting one of these!  There are so many great prints! 

4.  I've spent so much time resting, sleeping and reading while on vacation it's amazing.  I've finished one book and looking forward to finishing another tomorrow on the way home!

5.  We've decided on our bedding for the little guy and I can't wait to get started on his room.

6.  I got a onsie for the little guy this week that cracks me up!  it's perfect given the fact that he has 2 parents that work for rather large tech companies and as much as I don't like to admit it, we can be nerds!

Hope your Monday is starting off great.  I'll be back later in the week.  Enjoy!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

21 Week Update!

Today's picture is a 'special edition'.  From High Camp in Squaw Valley (taken a few days early).  Thought it would be nice for baby boy to see that he went to Tahoe!  I'll take my regular pics and maybe a few other fun ones in the next day or so.

How far along? 21 weeks.

How big is baby?  12 ounces/10.5 inches!  The length of a carrot.
Weight gain? Not sure this week since we're out of town.

Symptoms? Frequent bathroom trips!  Feeling great otherwise.

Sleep? Way out of whack b/c of the time change being on the West coast this weekend.  Getting lots of sleep though!

Food cravings? None really.  Still fruit and the SoBE Lifewater.

Movement? Yes I've been feeling him.  Tuesday he 'kicked' the desk when I was at work.  So cool to feel him from the outside.  Haven't felt it again though.  It startled me!

Gender?  It's a boy! 

Clothes?  Maternity Pants and some maternity tops and some regular tops.

What I am looking forward to? Starting to buy some things and setting up the nursery.

What am I missing?  Sleeping on my stomach!  Maybe a random glass of wine!  Other than that everything is great.

Milestones? Eyebrows and eyelids are now present.  Baby is developing slowly but good!

Other? Happy to start feeling some small movements. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beautiful View!

Well I know I didn't blog about it, but we are on vacation on the West Coast for a week.  I will have more Internet access tomorrow to hopefully get a few blog posts up but the week crept up on me quickly and I couldn't get some posts scheduled in time.  In the meantime, I thought I'd share a beautiful view that the boys took atop the mountain while snowboarding!  (Sorry for the glove, that's what you get with phone pics)  I can't wait to get out tomorrow and take more pictures!  Hope everyone's week is great, sorry if I don't comment as often, I'll catch up later next week.

Monday, January 24, 2011

20 Week Update! - Halfway!

Eeeewww, I do not like this weeks pictures.  My eyes look weird.  Ha ha!

How far along? 20 weeks.

How big is baby?  10.5 ounces/6.5 inches, plus legs about 10!  The length of a banana.

Weight gain? +11 pounds total! (Yeah, this is not cool!)

Symptoms? Back is a little better, frequent bathroom trips!

Sleep? Not too bad.  KC has been getting up early to workout and it's helping me to get up earlier and I don't feel so tired, I think I was 'over-sleeping' when I was ready to get up.

Food cravings? Fruit!  I have a craving for fruit this week.  Which is not weird, but probably lots of sugar. Still the same, Poptarts, dry, salty things, like potato chips, SoBe Lifewater 0 Calorie Yumberry Pomegranate.

Movement? Yes I've been feeling him a little.

Gender?  It's a boy! 

Clothes?  Maternity Pants and some maternity tops and some regular tops.

What I am looking forward to? Starting to buy some things and setting up the nursery.

What am I missing?  Sleeping on my stomach!  Maybe a random glass of wine!  Other than that everything is great.

Milestones? Halfway point!  We're halfway to baby boy being here!  He's swallowing more these days, which is good practice for his digestive system.

Other? Happy to start feeling some small movements. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Ramblings

  1. Apparently I just didn't have too much to blog about this week.  The week kind of got away from me and it was Friday before I knew it.  Some ramblings to share.
  2. Registering for baby boy is a whole lot of work!  So many decisions to make!
  3. Maternity clothes have gotten the best of me.  I'm trying to wear regular clothes, but they're not as comfortable and I only have 8-10 or so maternity shirts to rotate through.  Getting dressed in the morning is frustrating!  Looks like we'll be going out tonight to find another pair of pants and a few more shirts to hold me through the winter.
  4. I've started drinking tea in the morning.  I'm a big fan of the fruity teas.  Do you have any recommendations?
  5. I went to the Carter's outlet last night to get something for Ms. Avery (cousin's baby, born yesterday morning) and was successful in finding her something.  I didn't come out of there empty handed for baby boy chapman though.  Whoops!  That's the first time I've bought him anything so I'm proud I lasted that long.
  6. Tomorrow marks 20weeks, which means we're halfway there.  With Avery's arrival I am definitely getting more excited.
  7. I woke up this morning after a bad dream.  I dreamt that baby boy was born, a baby girl, we had no clothes and no diapers, nothing at all for her.  And for some reason we said, oh well, we'll wait til the cloth diapers come in the mail tomorrow.  (b/c apparently I didn't want to use disposables for 1 day?!?! )  Wow, what a weird dream.
  8. I need to start working on a new sewing project.  Now that our office is reorganized/redone (oh, I should do a post about that, I love the transformation) I'm itching to get back to the sewing machine, but not sure what to make yet.
  9. I have lots of posts to write about baby boy stuff but I'm trying to keep the baby specific posting to 1x/wk + weekly update.
  10. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

19 Week Update!

How far along? 19 weeks.

How big is baby?  8.5 ounces/6 inches plus legs!  The size of a heirloom tomato.

Weight gain? +9 pounds total! (Either my scale was off last week (or this week) or I gained a lot in a week!)

Symptoms? Back is a little better, frequent bathroom trips!

Sleep? It was kind of a rollercoaster week sleep wise.  I slept well during the week, but probably could have gotten up earlier instead of trying to go back to sleep and then waking up grumpy.  Friday night was terrible.  I couldn't fall asleep and then woke up at 4:00 for 2hrs.  Ick!

Food cravings? Still the same, Poptarts, dry, salty things, like potato chips, SoBe Lifewater 0 Calorie Yumberry Pomegranate.

Movement? Not yet, but looking forward to it!

Gender?  It's a boy!  He measured big at the appointment (about 5 days ahead) but they kept my due date the same.

Clothes?  Maternity Pants and some maternity tops and some regular tops.

What I am looking forward to? Starting to buy some things and setting up the nursery.

What am I missing?  Sleeping on my stomach!  Maybe a random glass of wine!  Other than that everything is great.

Milestones? He's starting to get hair, and lots of sensory development going on.

Other? It was a good week.  We started our registry though it is very overwhelming!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Country Strong Love

Last weekend KC and I decided on a whim to go to the movies.  We scrambled to try and see the matinee of Country Strong, which I'm glad, because, the movies are getting expensive!

I have to say that I absolutely loved this movie!  I had seen plenty of the trailers and I really really wanted to go check it out.  I'm a huge country music lover, I love movies that have a lot of good music in them and I (big-pink-puffy-paint) heart Tim McGraw!

I'm not good at writing movie reviews, so a few highlights/comments.
  • I was a little disappointed that Tim McGraw didn't actually sing in the movie.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow did a great job acting.  She pulled off her character smoothly, making me want to have sympathy for her sometimes and then annoyed with her other times.
  • Beau (Garrett Hedlund) has a great voice and I really enjoyed his character in the movie.  (though he can get rid of the mustache/beard any time)  I was really hoping to hear more of him on the soundtrack.
  • Chiles (Leighton Meester) was kind of annoying to me at first, but I grew to like her throughout the movie and was definitely rooting for her in the end.
  • The movie isn't all about country music, it's a love story, a story of depression, addiction and I thought it was really touching.
 I went home and immediately bought the soundtrack!
I'll admit that I was slightly disappointed with the soundtrack.  Leighton and Garrett did a fabulous job in the movie with 'Give In To Me' so it was a little disappointing the hear Faith Hill's recording on the soundtrack, not nearly as good in my opinion.   Other than that particular song (which is one of the reasons I bought the soundtrack), I have enjoyed listening to it so far.  (Oh and is it weird that as soon as Leighton started singing 'Words I Couldn't Say', I turned to my husband and said, that was on the last Rascal Flatt's Album?!!?)

This is one of those movies that is definitely on my 'To Buy' list.  I will definitely watch it several times, I can already tell.  I liked that it wasn't all butterflies and rainbows.

Have you seen any other good movies out that you'd recommend?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a . . . . . .


We are so excited that we will be welcoming a son into our arms in June.  Funny enough, I was migrating to the boy stuff every time we went to the store so that was my guess.  There are lots of old wives tales and gender predictors and about 75% of them actually predicted boy for us, so that was kind of cool!

We found out yesterday but not without a few hurdles in the way.  You see, we live in the south, where they just can't handle any type of weather.  Monday and Tuesday KC and I worked from home so that we didn't have to battle the roads.  Tuesday was pretty bad out, it's hard for them to get to all the roads and get them treated with such little equipment, so it's understandable.  Our appointment was Wednesday morning at 9AM, so we had been psyching ourselves up much of the day Tuesday.  Tuesday night I hadn't seen anything on the TV that says the office was closed, so I logged onto their web page to find out that the office wasn't opening until 10AM on Wednesday.  NNNOOO!  That meant my appointment needed to be rescheduled.  I grudgingly went to work and picked up my phone at 10AM to call the office to reschedule, at the same time, my cell phone started ringing and I picked it up hoping it was them and it was.  She said, can you make it for 10:30?  I told KC, hung up the phone and left.  It takes half an hour to get there with traffic, etc.  We made it just in time.

It was so exciting when the tech said that we would be welcoming a son with 100% certainty!  She said he was showing off for us.  The ultrasound was really cool to see, he was super active and rolling around so I am guessing that when we do start feeling him, he'll be like an acrobat and never stop!  The tech was great and showed us so many different things and measurements and different angles.  I'm not a big fan of posting ultrasound pics though, so just trust me, it was cool.  Plus, he's weighing about 9ounces according to the measurements, so he's a little bit big!  Let's hope that his growth slows down, a 9lb+ is not my idea of fun!

We haven't decided on a name but have decided that we won't be sharing it when we do, until the birth.  Though everyone is offering up lots of suggestions.  :-)

So, this weekend, I'll be heading to start registering.  What are your recommendations?  I really don't want to get a bassinet or cradle and would rather use the pack-n-play, but my mom disagrees.  What did you do?  Anything you would say was a must on your registry?

Thanks for all the great comments over the last few weeks.  So great to be back to blogging!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Goals

A little late to the game but better late then never!
Here are my goals for 2011
  1. Complete the books on my reading list.  2010 wasn't that great towards the end of the year and I might still have the same trouble for 2011 once the addition joins us.  But, I did get lots of Amazon gift cards for Christmas and intend to use them!  
  2. Finish my Craft it Forward items!  I haven't forgotten.
  3. Become a mom and all the good things that come with it!  Ok, so that part might already be in progress, but there's other things too.  I would like to be able to balance motherhood, work and still having some semblance of a life.  K and I would like to be able to still participate in some of the things we did when it was just us once we have a new addition to the family.
  4. Become better at keeping the house picked up and not waiting for the weekend to clean.  I'll admit that the end of the year was not pretty here.  I was so tired, I wanted to do nothing when I got home.  I'd like to work to set a schedule, like, Monday we clean the bathrooms, Tuesday we dust/vaccuum, etc.  We'll see how that works out.
I know that's really not a big list and they're not too complex but I would really like to learn to focus on just a few things at once!  Did you make any resolutions for 2011?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

18 Week Update!

How far along? 18 weeks.
How big is baby?  7 ounces/5.5 inches plus legs!  The size of a bell pepper.

Weight gain? +7.5 pounds total! (Either my scale was off last week (or this week) or I gained a lot in a week!)

Symptoms? Still a Ssore back, frequent bathroom trips!

Sleep? So far so good.  I do get up to use the bathroom at least once a night though.  

Food cravings? Poptarts, dry, salty things, like potato chips, SoBe Lifewater 0 Calorie Yumberry Pomegranate.

Movement? Not yet, but looking forward to it! 

Clothes?  Maternity Pants and some maternity tops and some regular tops.

What I am looking forward to? Finding out the gender on Wednesday!

What am I missing?  Sleeping on my stomach!  Maybe a random glass of wine!  Other than that everything is great.

Milestones? He/She is flexing his/her legs/arms.  

Other?  I think I look bigger when I look down at my stomach than the picture shows from the side.  Also, my stomach is bigger on one side of my belly button than the other!  Ha ha!  Kurt keeps telling the baby to straighten up!

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Book List

I know that there are lots of bloggers doing the same thing.  I decided that this was really my best route to keep my list and get some recommendations, sorry for the repeats.

As I said before, I love my Kindle and now I got 2 gift cards for Christmas that I am itching to use.  I still have 2 books that I mentioned before and I simply cannot get into them enough to finish them.  I hate forcing myself to finish something so I won't but I am going to keep them in mind to finish when my gift cards have run out.  Here's my plan for 2011 (not including pregnancy books)!

Hope in a Jar 
by Beth Harbison

Mini Shopaholic 
by Sophie Kinsella

Safe Haven 
by Nicholas Sparks

by Lauren Weisburger

by Lauren Weisburger

by Aimee Bender

by Stieg Larsson

by Stieg Larsson

by Stieg Larsson

by Sara Gruen

by Jodi Picoult

by Julia Reed

That's my list!  I'm excited about it.  I've got one of the books in my bookshelf already and hopefully this weekend I'll go through and make a list of the books in my bookshelf that I haven't read.  I'd like to get those on a reading list as well.

Read any great books that you'd recommend?  Let me know!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Book Wrap-Up

Remember how I recapped some of the books I read in 2010 and was working on several more?

Yeah, well, that fell by the wayside.  Disappointingly, I only finished 2 more books for the rest of the year.  I'm kind of disappointed in myself but I know that most of October/November I lost my desire to do anything.  I literally sat on the couch and did nothing, so I'll give myself a pass.

Firefly Lane

I absolutely loved this book.  I'm pretty sure that I sobbed at the end.  I could not put it down.  I would definitely recommend it to be on your reading list for 2011 if you haven't read it already!


This was part of the bloggers book club, but I just couldn't get into it at first.  I ended up finishing it over the holidays.  I thought that it was ok.  For some reason it felt kind of 'choppy' to me or something, it just didn't flow.

I'm working on my reading list for 2011?  Did you have any successes in 2010 that you would recommend that I haven't read already?  Let me know, I'm working on publishing a list and my 2011 goals (late is better than never!).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

17 Week Update!

(Sorry for 2 posts today, wanted to get this up before it was next week already)  My week starts on a Saturday so hopefully I can do all of these on time (or by Monday (that will be my goal)). Just pretend that I posted this a few days ago!

How far along? 17 weeks. In 3 weeks we will be half way to meeting our baby. Yikes, time is flying by.  Though I feel like I look rather big!

We started a 'tracing' routine with our weekly pictures.  I now trace the size of my belly each week on the same sheet of paper, to see how large it's gotten.  I probably won't share every week, but I will in a few weeks when you can see a few lines drawn. 

How big is baby?  5 ounces/5 inches plus legs!  The size of a turnip.

Weight gain? +5 pounds total! (going to go by my own scale)

Symptoms? Sore back, frequent bathroom trips!

Sleep? So far so good.  I do get up to use the bathroom at least once a night though.  I'm debating whether to try one of the sleeping pillows, has anyone else?

Food cravings? Mostly dry, salty things, like potato chips.  Oh and I am in love with SoBe Lifewater 0 Calorie Yumberry Pomegranate.

Movement? Not yet, but looking forward to it!

Clothes?  Well I started wearing maternity pants.  They are much, much more comfy then regular jeans.  Many of my gifts under the Christmas tree were several maternity tops so I will be wearing those frequently as well.   They tend to be a bit more comfy.

What I am looking forward to? 1 week until we find out the gender and then to do some shopping/nursery designing!

Milestones? The baby's bones are hardening and it now has finger prints. He/She can move her joints now

Other?  Nesting has set in.  I am in a mood to clean, clean, clean and organize, organize, organize so the next few weeks should be rather interesting!
Now that we're back to work after the New Year/Holiday sometimes people look at me like, hmm, did she eat too many cookies over the holidays?  I work with so many people, I just don't go around announcing it.  It's kind of funny but I'll be happy when it's a bit more obvious!

I decided to just post the same post on a 'baby blog' for family and friends to see it there instead of removing old stuff here.

Baby Details!

Thanks for your nice comments yesterday!  There are some things that I want to remember so I just wanted to recap them. Sorry if this post is long and wordy, the video at the end is funny!  :-)

October 2 - Our friends are getting married!  (Remember their gift here)  I realize that I'm a few (3) days 'late' so I decide not to drink but get grilled by my friends, relentlessly.  This is a rather routine occurrence with them, they drive me crazy when they find out that I'm not drinking.  C knew that I hadn't tested and she even wanted to walk next door while we were getting our hair done to buy one for me to take but I told her no, it was too early.

October 3 - K leaves at 4AM to go finish an ultimate tournament in the hopes his team makes it to Nationals (and they do)!  All day long I sit home a wonder what should I do.  Should I wait.  M finally convinces me to go to the store and get a pregnancy test.  I swear she had to talk me into it.  Fact:  I'd never had to do it before I was terrified.  Finally I go and tell M that I will txt her after K gets home and tell her.  At about 5:30 I decide to take the test, K said he'd be home by 8 or so.  So I go and it instantly comes up with 2 lines.  I didn't have to wait 5 minutes, it was positive.  My hands were shaking and I just sat there, not knowing what to do.  The rest of the night was kind of a blur.  The newlyweds stopped by real quick before they went to their honeymoon so we could take care of the house/mail and I am shocked that I didn't just blurt it out to them.  K finally comes home at 11:00 at night.  Seriously?  I've had to sit here over 5hrs and not tell anyone it was killing me!   At this point I was exhausted I did a lot over the weekend for the wedding, so I turn to him and just say, I really don't know how to tell you this and just hand him the pregnancy test.  His reply?  "Yeah, my boys can swim!"  That's my husband for you.  I txt M to ask her if she wanted to be called Aunt M and she says she screamed she was so excited.  We pretty much just floated through the whole rest of the week in a blur. I took a second test a few days later.

October 23 - If you remember my parents were in town, we decided that we wanted to tell them in person.  So we went out to dinner for their anniversary, handed them a card and then K said "unfortunately you're present won't be here until June, you're going to be grandparents."  My mom was excited and my dad was pretty much floored, he didn't really know how to react, but I'm really happy we got to tell them in person (and my lil sis)!
October 25 - First Dr.'s appointment was pretty simple, nothing too big, just some bloodwork and health history discussion.  It is determined that the due date is in early June.  Next day we left for a great trip to FL because K's team made nationals.  It was nice to have a few days to soak everything in and enjoy.

November 1 - Our first ultrasound and it was quite the experience.  It was amazing to see the baby and to hear the heartbeat.  Though I have to admit, it was kind of funny to see K in the Dr.'s office, it was like he didn't want to go in the wrong direction accidentally.  :-)

First Trimester Highlights/Recap:
8week visit - HeartRate - 176bpm & Ultrasound
10week visit - HeartRate - 173bpm
14week visit - HeartRate - 153bpm
Symptoms - Nausea, I was definitely feeling sick, but never actually got sick.  This went on for several weeks  I don't know if that's better or worse.  I learned that one this to help was to each a small snack very, very often.  I also had heartburn/indigestion which I'd never had before.  I was also really tired through about week 15.  And I'm still suffering from some acne, blah.

Spilling the beans to friends:
December 2 - After much debate we decided that we were ready to tell our friends.  Honestly it was weird but since the wedding no one had grilled me about not drinking so I kind of surprised.  We went out one night to dinner and we were going to tell them when a mutual acquaintance was there and we just weren't comfortable telling them all with him there, so we waited.  2 Days later we went out with just 3 of our friends, but it was getting hard to get to get them all together at the same time so we decided if the time was right we'd just do it.  The conversation went something like this.
B:  Lauren do you want some of my Coors Light? (huh? completely out of the blue and off-topic)
Me:  No thanks, I don't like Coors Light.
B:  Why not?
Me:  I might as well drink water (sorry if you like Coors, it's a running joke in our friends)
B:  Are you pregnant?
Me:  Yes, I am
All of them:  Seriously?  (jaws dropped to the table)

It was kind of funny and completely random, but whatever.  Unfortunately there were several people not there that we had to call, which was disappointing but it wasn't going to be easy to hide and we weren't all going to be together again for a long time since so many people were traveling etc.  Plus it meant that one of them finally won the bet and was going to get their money.

I think that's everything I wanted to recap.  Oh I did want to show this video from HIMYM that I think is just hilarious (except when they find out they're not pregnant):  (I wish I could find a clip of her freaking out saying she has an alien growing inside her, it's funny too!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where I've been!

Well it seems I just didn't have it in me at the end of the year.  So after a short break I'm back to the blogging world I hope.  I will surely probably not blog as much as before but I'm going to give it a shot.  Meanwhile I'm on a mission to redesign this here bloggy blog and make it about me and my family.  I loved getting comments from everyone and I've definitely missed that over the last few months.  This is going to be a short, short post but it's good to be back!

Ok, so really, want to know where I've been and my excuse?

That's right, Baby C is on the way.  Found out about the week I 'came back' in October and I just didn't have it in me to blog with all the excitement and secrets and then the holidays came, whoa.  I have lots to recap and will be working on those soon.  Sorry for those of you that don't want to read another baby blog but we're heading in that direction.  I'll do my best to keep the baby blogging to a minimum but it's my life now.  I'm thinking some of my old posts may come down so I feel more comfortable sharing with family.

Happy New Year everyone!