Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To be honest . . . . .

  1. I haven't posted a recap of the shower because I'm disappointed with the lack of pictures I got.
  2. I'm doing a half marathon training program for the one here in early November, but I'm so afraid to actually sign up for the race out of fear that I will jinx myself about being able to finish the program.
  3. I'm really ready for fall to be here already, the heat is really getting to me.  I'm looking forward to cool crisp days.  Light weight sweaters and jeans vs. what's the most work appropriate coolest thing I can wear.  (Any recommendations for some new flats, I'm struggling to find some.)
  4. Softball and Soccer are starting up soon, through October we have something every Mon, Tues, and Wed and KC has something on Thurs nights.  Holy moly we're going to be busy, and it makes time fly!
  5. I'm really excited for football season so that it can be time for fantasy football.  I love Sundays in the fall, sitting around, watching football and checking out my team!
  6. I'm feeling the need to do some painting and house organization, but it feels like money is flying out of the bank account and not back in as quickly so I might have to just do it with what's on hand.  No trips to the container store for me.
  7. I've changed my blog design weekly lately.  I just need to man up and find someone to do it for me, I'm just being cheap! (Though I know they all do great work and I'm sure they're worth the $$)  I want to make sure I'm set on a blog name first though.
  8. I bought fabric for my first quilt, but I'm terrified to start, I don't want to mess it up.  I've laid out the strips and paired them so far.  My goal is to start sewing this week.  Eek!
  9. Tomorrow's my 100th post and just *might* feature my Pay It Forward post (hint, hint).
  10. I bought 2 of each of these shirts this weekend in different colors and really just want to go back and get them in the remaining colors.  How many is too many of the same shirt in different colors?
  11. All these new comments and followers have made me really excited about blogging lately!
Hope you're having a great day!


  1. Love those shirts! I think you can have all of the colors of that shirt. It's hard to find things that you love, so why not? You might regret it if you don't and one fo the shirts gets wrecked.
    Please start the quilt! I can't wait to see it.

  2. good luck with your half marathon! one year i had a goal to do a 5K one year, 10K next year, half marathon next year, marathon next year... but i pretty much tapped out at 5Ks! :( i get excited when i get new commenters and followers too! :)

  3. Cute shirts. When I find something I really like that I know I'll use forever - I'm all for buying it in every color it comes in and 2 in white & 2 in black (just in case). Go for it. Although with the ON ones, I'd wait for some of them to go on sale. I hate paying full price for anything there. ;)


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