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Book Beginnings and Bookends - CeeCee Wilkes - Chapters 11-20

I love participating in the responses last week so I am glad to get into it again this week.  I will admit that it is hard to write some of these responses knowing the ending of the book.  

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  1. Where do you think Tim and Marty are at this point in the story?
    I think that Tim and Marty are somewhere in hiding.  Part of me thinks that the original plan was to just abandon CeeCee to begin with and never come back regardless.  I can't help but wonder if they have other plans that they didn't reveal to CeeCee already.
  2. What were your thoughts as CeeCee was helping Genevieve deliver her baby?
    My heart was aching for CeeCee.  I wanted her to just have the common sense to get in the car and drive, drive somewhere.  I mean the authorities have to have some sort of sympathy for her if she gives in now right?  I knew that she wouldn't actually hurt Genevieve but she had no idea what she was doing.  She had no idea what she was getting herself into when she agreed to go to the cabin and this just made it 10x worse!
  3. After Genevieve died, what would you have done with her baby if you had been in CeeCee's shoes?
    I would have taken the baby to a hospital or something.  I don't think I could have kept it a secret.  It would just gnaw at me forever.  This beautiful baby didn't have a mother and it was partially her fault.
  4. Why do you think CeeCee/Eve is still holding onto hope that Tim will come for her?
    I think she is, she wants to think that Tim was a good person and that she made the right decision to help them.  Tim is her first love and made her think that they loved one another and that she was doing
  5. How do you think Eve will establish her new identity in Virginia?
    I think that Eve will struggle at first to establish herself and let go of CeeCee.  She still holds onto hope that Tim will return and I think she doesn't want to accept her self as Eve out of hope that Tim will find her.  Deep down I think she knows that this whole ordeal will always be with her, whether she gets married again or whatever she does with her life.  I also think it may cause her to be a little apprehensive or men in the future.  Afraid that something similar might happen.
  6. What do you think of CeeCee/Eve now after she has gone through with the kidnapping, the delivery of the baby, the escape, and the relocation?
    I think that she has grown up a lot over the course of this ordeal.  I think that she will constantly live her life in fear now.  That she will always be looking over her shoulder and will be very protective of the baby.  It's hard to know if she will ever shake that feeling that someone is looking for her.  I also wondered how she would be able to go on without letting this eat at her for the rest of her life.
I struggled with the fact that Ronnie didn't inquire and ask more questions of her.  It would have been interesting to hear more from Ronnie's side, about her roommate and friend who disappeared, to never return.  She left all of her belongings, her money everything behind, even the things she cherished most (the letters from her mother).  If it was me, I'd be looking for her or call the police or something.  

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  1. The loosing of the letters was so sad to me too!

    The "what would you have done with the baby" question kills me... How could CeeCee NOT have taken it to the hospital? I think she still would have had to go into hiding her self if she didn't want to get caught but to drag the baby into was odd to me!

  2. I had the same question about Ronnie! Do you think maybe Ronnie knew her friend was involved somehow and was protecting her? Or maybe CeeCee really didn't have any strong ties? That part of the story seemed a little underdeveloped. But I was heartbroken that she lost the letters from her mother. Sad.

  3. I felt bad for CeeCee losing the letters and also not getting her $5,000 out of the bank. If it were me, I would have gone back for the money. But then, I also would have returned the baby to the governor too!

    I thought Ronnie should have asked more questions too.

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