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Book Beginnings and Bookends - CeeCee Wilkes - Chapters 21-35

You can link up here if you have read the book too!  Can't wait to read everyone else's answers!
  1. Do you think Tim is the one sending the money?
    I think that it's possible that Tim is the one that sent the money.  With the $5000 that he gave to CeeCee before, he has the money somehow.  If it's him though, I'm suspicious how he found out where CeeCee was.  And why he was sending the money, what was the connection?  Maybe I'm looking into this too much, but if he was in hiding I don't think that he would have been able to gain access to his money.

  2. So far, there's been a lot of discussion on CeeCee/Eve and her choices. What choice(s) would you make differently from her?
    I think it's hard to say you would make different choices that what CeeCee/Eve made.  All along I've said I would make different decisions.  I don't think that I could have gone through with it to begin with, but if I had gone through with it, then maybe I would have made the same decisions as her all along.  Keeping it from Jack would have been tremendously difficult, I feel like at some point I would have had to tell someone, it just doesn't seem like a good way to start out a marriage.

  3. What do you like about Jack? Are there things about him that you don't like?
    Jack seems so personable and likable.  It's hard not to like him, he just kind of swept in.  He seems like such a good guy and someone that would be great for Eve.  Very genuine and passionate about his acting career.  I don't think that there's much about him that I don't like really.  He might be a little pushy for my taste.

  4. What are the differences between CeeCee/Eve's relationship with Tim and Eve's relationship with Jack?
    I think that this relationship is different then the one with Tim as Eve is a much more mature person now.  I think she has "learned her lesson" and doesn't easily let her guard down.  She is cautious and wary of new people.  I think that she needs this relationship with Jack to feel like a normal person again.  Her relationship with Tim was one of lust and immaturity where her relationship with Jack seems to me more based on love and feelings.

  5. Do you think Eve is to blame for Cory's fears? What could she do, specifically, to help Cory feel like less of an outsider?
    This is kind of a hard question to answer, after reading the whole book I had a bit of a different opinion I guess.  But I do think that Cory's fears were started by Eve and how over-protective she was of Cory.  I think I'm forgetting parts of the book, but I don't remember specifics that Eve did to really make her feel like an outsider, other than being so over-protective.  Maybe I need to go back and brush up.
    I think that to help Cory, getting her involved in different activities would be the most beneficial so she is able to meet new people and make friends.
  6. Do you think Eve appropriately answered Cory's questions about her father? Do you think Cory will question her father more as she grows older?I think she answered them the best she could.  As would most people, I think that Cory will have questions about her father when she grows older.  She doesn't look like her mother so she'll naturally be more curious of who her father is as time passes.  It's kind of ironic that Eve had to have the same questions answered about her own father by her mother.  Do you wonder if now that she has to tell Cory lies if she wonders if her own mother was telling the truth?
This book club is such a great idea, I'm really enjoying it.  I can't wait to see what the next book is!

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