Wednesday, August 18, 2010

100 Posts & Pay it Forward!

Today marks my 100th post!  To celebrate, I thought I'd Pay it Forward!  

A few weeks ago, Sandy from Sandy a la mode posted about a little game with the following rules:
  1. I make a handmade gift for the first 3 people to comment.
  2. I have 365 days in which to send you the gift.
  3. The gift will be a total surprise.
  4. You keep this going by posting Pay It Forward on your blog (obviously, you must have an active blog to participate).
Luckily, I was the third commenter, score!  If you don’t follow her blog, you should, she posts about all sorts of inspiration, traveling, cooking and weddings!
So go ahead, leave a comment on this post and the first 3 people to do so will get something handmade by me!  Just like Sandy did,  I won’t approve comments until the end of the day so the comments will show as ZERO until I approve them, that way it will be more like a surprise who wins!  Assuming I even get 3 comments by the end of the day!  I have a few ideas for sewing projects and spent some time paper crafting this past weekend, so I hope that I will have something to send to the first 3 people sooner than later.  :-)  And really, I just wanted to take this time to THANK YOU all for following me through all 100 posts.  The comments you leave are encouraging, funny, supportive and  appreciated!  Thanks for sticking with me.


  1. How exciting! I hope you do sew somwthign because your projects always turn out to be lovely!

  2. Happy 100th Post! Here's my entry :)

    (Also, I am loving this week's blog design. Very cute!)


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