Friday, July 30, 2010

My favorite (White) Wines

While I was on vacation last week I was able to attend the Wine Festival at Watkins Glenn.  I was so excited for this event because NY (Western) wines are my absolute favorites.  Whenever we go home (via car) we always pick up 6-10 bottles of NY wine to stock up.  I've also had the pleasure of visiting some of these wineries as well.  If you ever have a chance to go on a wine tour, I would definitely recommend it.  All of the wineries on Seneca Lake are off the same road.  When we did it, we visited 10 wineries in 1 day.  It was so much fun.  Here's a few of my favorites:

Fox Run Vineyards

Riesling (~$9.99)  No listings on their site but this is one of my favorites!

Semi-Dry Riesling ($14.99)
Dry-Riesling ($15.99)
Tony's White ($8.99)
Tony's Red ($8.99)

I also like most of the wines from the 'Redneck' Family here as well.

* All Images from respective wineries unless noted

All prices are approximate prices because it depends on where you purchase them.  Sometimes it can be different if you're in the winery, the liquor store or at the wine festival.

As you can tell I am definitely a Riesling girl.  They are my favorites.  When I was in school and started drinking I couldn't stand wine.  I thought it was all really dry and oaky/smokey.  Luckily my school had a Wines of the World and Food and Wine Pairings course that I was able to take my senior year (filler credits!) and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  I learned a lot about wine and what I liked and tasted many different types and sometimes still go back to my sheets/books from class for recommendations.  I am no wine snob that's for sure, but I do enjoy a good bottle of wine with dinner or a hanging out with friends.

The problem with the wines above is that they are all only sold in NY.  Shipping them here is expensive and we only drive up 1 maybe 2 times a year.  We fill up when we can but sometimes, the car is full after Christmas and we can't fit much more.  I've had to learn to adapt to what is sold generally and I've found a few that I like.

All below from Total Wine

These are my go-to wines.  There are 2 or 3 of each in my wine fridge at any given time.  I'm working on trying out new kinds all the time.  Anyone else a sweet wine person?  Like a certain kind that's just not available to you?


  1. So funny! I just did a post yesterday afternoon on the wines I love! I am a Pinot Grigio fan so I have my favorites in that category, I also love the rieslings.. so perfect for a warm night! I think I need to go to a tasting (or maybe LOTS of tastings!) to try and branch out a bit.

  2. I do love wine! When we lived in Ontario we lived like 2 seconds from the Niagara Wine Region where there are about a billion wineries, but we never went on a tour. I regret that now!
    I took wine microbiology in university and we made wine in class!

  3. mmmm i love rieslings :) I like the new blog layout too!


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