Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My friends took bets,

on when we would have a baby.  I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but it came up in conversation with my friends the other day and I wanted to blog about it.

To recap, there's KC and I, plus 2 other couples getting married in the next year and 4 (very) single guys in my group of friends we frequently hang out with. Turns out that after they wedding (while we were on our honeymoon) they all bet $5 and gave a number of months after the wedding to when they thought we would be pregnant.   A few of them have lost already, a few of them are close to their bets and some are 6 months or so away.  Mind you I have not discussed any of this with them, only here and with 1 girlfriend.

We don't get together with them more than once a week lately because we're so busy, but regardless it comes up in conversation almost every time.  Why do my friends find it so interesting to discuss our time in the bedroom.  As a matter of fact, when we were at the beach for my birthday, one of the guys and I were standing at the water's edge and he says, "So Lauren, what are my chances of winning this bet?  I've only got 10 more days."  I just looked at him and said, "I'm sorry to say you will not be winning this bet."

Umm, hello, if we had a kid, I think we might lose half the single guys as friends and they'd never hang out with us or come over again, only talk to KC at work.  I can't even imagine their reaction, partially because I can no longer be the 'group mom' and make sure stuff gets done, but that's a story for a different post.

Yeah so, my friends took bets the week after we were married about when we would be pregnant.  My parents aren't even bugging me about grandkids but my friends bring it up in conversation almost once a week.  If they weren't so fun sometimes, I'd start looking for new ones!


  1. How funny!! Could be worse.. Ive heard of people who take bets at people's weddings on how long they'll last! Yikes.

    I have a good friend who her and I talk about babies CONSTANTLY! :) And when Im in a group of girls, it seems to come up frequently (and Ive been accused of BEING pregnant and lying about it! Talk about awkward!).

  2. We've had friends and family do the same thing to us! Our mothers are obviously pushing for grandbabies, and sooner rather than later and I think our groups of friends (most all of them are married) are wondering who the first couple is going to be to get the rest of the group going... seems to be what happened with all of the weddings - one couple got married and from then on, it's been wedding after wedding. Oh the joys of married life! :)


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