Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Playing Catch-up

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things.  I had a great long weekend.  For now, I'm playing catch-up at work and in my Google Reader.  Just thought I'd jot down a few things.

  • M left late yesterday to head back to the West Coast.  :-(  We had a great time while she was here, hanging out, catching up, going out and enjoying the beach.  I am now making it my mission to find her a job on the East Coast.  

  • My mom got me a sewing machine for my Birthday!  M gave me a crash course on it and then we made a pillow.  If you have any suggestions for a beginner, I'm all ears!   Any beginner projects you would suggest?  Do you have tutorials or sites that post lots of tutorials?  Any suggestions for where to get fabric?  Anything you couldn't live without for tools, supplies, etc?  Any blogs you'd suggest?
  • I won a giveaway at Linny's Vault to Sunglass Warehouse.  I could definitely use a new pair of sunglasses, I just can't decide which ones to get.  Which ones are your favorite?
  • We're heading to NYC next weekend.  If you have any site-seeing or restaurant suggestions while we're there, let me know.  I have basically nothing planned, which is so not like me at all.
  • I have to make 50+ bridal shower invitations to go out early next week.  I have to manually cut each one and I haven't started yet.  Yikes!  
  • Thanks for all of the Birthday wishes this weekend!  
  • I just found out Lady Antebellum is going to be in town a second time this summer.  I can't wait to get tickets!
I know it's weird to say this on a Wednesday, but I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Hopefully I'll catch up on my blogs soon and leave some comments.  Have a great day, we're halfway to the weekend!


  1. I'm totally jealous of your sewing machine. I have a couple of jeans that have been sitting my closet for months that need to be hemmed but I'm too lazy to take to the dry cleaners. If only I had a sewing machine & the abiltiy to use one, lol.

  2. I love these sunglasses:

  3. I just found your blog from New Friend Friday! I love the sunny yellow, so nice and cheerful. Have a wonderful time in NYC!

  4. Hi! I got a sewing machine for my birthday this year. I took a class for beginners and then just recently I made my own skirt from a pattern. Yay! I have a couple posts on my blog about tips, tools, techniques, etc. Feel free to check them out.


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