Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday

Lately I've been doing lots of thinking and I realized that are lots of things that I'm thankful for and I don't always say it.

{1} For all my mom and dad who have shown me what's it's like to growing up in a loving family.

{2} For my friends, even though I found out they took bets on how long after the wedding it would be before we were pregnant (most of them have lost already).

{3} For M who is coming to visit and spend a long weekend!!  (That's the last time I mention it, I promise!)
{4} For everyone who has donated to support me when I participate in the Komen Race for the Cure next weekend.  

{5}  For Maya, who is always excited to see me when I get home, no matter what hour or kind of the day it is.

{6}  For my little sister, who moved out of our house a few weeks ago and is carving her own way in this world.

{7}  For my grandparents, celebrating 54 years of marriage next week.  An inspiration to KC and I and hopefully to other newlyweds!

{8}  For the blogs I read and readers who comment, thanks for sticking around.

{9}  For KC, there are too many reasons to list them all!

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