Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A day of mishaps!

We almost didn't make it back to NC after our weekend trip to NYC.  I know I haven't recapped the trip just yet, but I felt that this just deserved a post all on it's own.

Monday morning we woke up, got ready and checked out of the hotel.  We left our bags at concierge service and would head back for them at 2:00 to head to JFK for our 4:30 flight.  It was about 9:00, we grabbed lunch at a bakery and went to sit in the park we had walked by multiple times during the week.  We were sitting there chatting when I said to KC, that's weird, I didn't get a check-in email from JetBlue to which he replies, neither did I, weird.  I pull out the itinerary and look at it and it just doesn't look right but I can't put my finger on it.
 I stare at it and then I just about died.  You don't see it either?  Oh, well take a closer look:

Yeah, I booked the flight home for the third Monday in July, not June.  I was mortified, we were supposed to be back just in time for a softball game.  We'd parked our car at a Park & Ride so we didn't have to rely on anyone for a ride and so we could make it to the game.  Maya was staying with my sister and was running low on food and having trouble on a leash vs. being free outside.

Turns out when I booked these in May, the calendars dropped down for 'Date to Leave' with May on the left and June on the right.  When the calendar dropped down for 'Date to Return', June was on the left and July was on the right.  Instead of looking for an actual date, I just counted to the 3rd Monday and that was that.  Not realizing they had moved the calendars.  On top of that, there's only one letter difference between the abbreviations of June and July.  I just cannot believe I did that.  I was in shock.

Thank goodness for iPhones, I found the number for the airline and called them up.  Turns out the next available flight wasn't until 9:40pm.  Well I had no choice, we had to be back for work the next day, so we booked it to the tune of $330 more.  JetBlue charged us $100 each to change the ticket plus another $60 each for the difference in flight cost, that is just plain ridiculous.  I don't know if we could have cancelled it and gotten a flight back on a different airline for cheaper but I still cannot believe the exorbitant prices that airlines are charging for something as simple as changing a flight.

So we had another 5hrs to cruise around and check some things out.  Which we did the best we could with, but at that point we were just tired and wanted to go home!

That 9:40pm flight boarded on time, but we proceeded to sit on the runway for 1hr+ while the airline finished paperwork to change flight routing or something.  I'm not one to complain much but after my own mishap, sitting on the runway, really kinda stunk.

We finally arrived home around 1am to a house that was 93 degrees.  Why so hot you ask?  Oh, because the fan motor on the AC burned out some time while we were gone over the weekend.  I just wanted to sleep in my own bed, but that was not happening.  We then opened all the windows and slept downstairs, where it was a little cooler, on the couches (because both air mattresses had holes in them).

I am proud of myself for not freaking out about this whole thing once.  I was calm and collected and we worked with what we had.  I laughed along the way after I got over the fact of how much it was going to cost us to fix my mistake (until I learned how much it would cost to fix the AC).

At least we'll have a funny story to look back on (go ahead and laugh at my expense, I'm OK with it now)!  Lesson learned, make sure you check the month when booking a flight.  Oh and if you did something crazy like this, let me know, so I don't feel like the only one. :-)


  1. EEk! As someone who books travel for others I have come scarily close to not only doing exactly this but also booking two flight TO the same location instead of having one return! You're not alone!

  2. I did that!
    It was a Feb. flight and because Feb. is so short the 28th of Feb and Mar. were both Sundays! I was looking for Sunday the 28th and ended up booking March. I notice right away and called the airline. they changed it for free because it was within 24 hours of the booking.

    Good thing you noticed and didn't jsut show up at the airport! Sorry to hear about your AC.

  3. Way to go handling it like a grown up :) I would have cried, haha!


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