Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A visit to Savannah

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For our 1st Anniversary we decided to take a trip to Savannah, GA.  We had no expectations and just wanted a go with the flow weekend.  This is kind of a long post but I wanted to keep it all in one post and it's taken me long enough to get one done, you didn't want me to separate it into more or I might never finish!

We left Friday morning and made the drive there.  It was much quicker than we had anticipated.  We arrived about 2 hours before check-in and headed to the Moon River Brew Co for a beer and some nachos.  Both were absolutely delicious.  We stayed at the East Bay Inn with beautiful high ceilings and hardwood floors.  It was a great room and there was a travel journal in the room that people filled out who had stayed there previously.  It was really interesting to read about other's trips.

After checking in we headed to Tybee Island to the beach, which was gorgeous and practically perfect weather.
I didn't even have to edit this picture, the sky was that blue!
Following the beach we headed back to Savannah and stopped at the Crab Shack for dinner.  

As we were waiting for our seat to open we took a look at the live gators.  It was definitely interesting to see them there at the restaurant (and kind of scary).  

After a short wait, we sat on the patio outside and ordered our dinner.

The Crab Shack serves low country boil style food, which I had never experienced before.  I'm not too big on crab but KC ordered some.
I had the Low Country Shrimp Boil

and KC had the half and half (half shrimp and half crab):

It was quite an experience.  There was a garbage can in the middle of the table, where you just tossed your shells, peelings, etc when you were done.

Saturday morning we got up and went for my 60 minute training run.  Thankfully KC went with me, it was a great motivator!

We spent the day on the Old Trolley Tour through-out Savannah.  We stopped at most of the stops and walked around.  We saw some beautiful churches, homes and other historical buildings.  We didn't take any tours, just walked around the area and checked things out.

We stopped at Forsyth Park and walked around admiring the monuments, and water features.

We also enjoyed a short wine tasting at one of the shops after a delicious lunch at the Cafe at City Market.  We sat in one of the parks for some time and a couple came around in a carriage after their wedding.  On our walk back to the Inn before dinner we encountered a couple of different weddings in the park, they were beautiful settings for a wedding.

One of my favorite parts were the streets and parks that were lined with the 'Live Oak Trees'.  It was gorgeous the way that they lined the streets and created covers.

For dinner we enjoyed authentic New Orleans cuisine at Huey's Restaurant.  I had some delicious Jambalaya.  It was such a large serving that this is after I finished and KC started in on eating some himself. 

Sunday we enjoyed a Savannah Riverboat Cruise into the port of Savannah.  The weather was nice and it was a nice breeze along the River.

After the boat cruise we got some lunch at the Boar's Head Deli and walked River St.  We then decided to head back to the beach for a few hours.  Unfortunately it was really windy at the beach and we didn't last too long.  For dinner we went to Tony Roma's.  Unbeknown to us it is a chain (which we were trying to avoid all weekend), but not one that we are near or would probably be near in the future so we stuck with it and definitely enjoyed our anniversary dinner.  

Each evening, after we had cleaned up, we ate dinner and headed down to River St. and enjoyed the sites there.  There were many people hanging out on the streets and enjoying the street performers and the ships that made their way into the port of Savannah.  We walked up and down River St. and enjoyed delicious alcoholic beverages as it is legal in Savannah to drink as long as it is in a plastic cup!

All-in-all it was a great trip.  We spent most of the time relaxing and just going with the flow.  I'm a big planner so it was really hard for me but I definitely enjoyed it.  And as is typical we did not take any pictures of just the 2 of us.  We spent lots of time talking and enjoying one another's company.  I'm so glad that we went on another trip just the two of us.  We even set some goals for the next year:
  • Get out and meet some new friends/couples and make an effort to hang out with some of our other friends more frequently.
  • Be more specific when talking, instead of how was your day, say how did xyz go today.  Sometimes I think that helps the conversation along and doesn't allow for a good/bad, whatever type response.
  • Make an effort to check out at least 1 brand new restaurant a month.
  • Set a new 'goal' for ourselves (together or separately) physically (i.e. run a half marathon, go snorkeling, learn a new sport, try a new fitness routing) but we haven't decided exactly what yet.
Here's to 1 year of being married and many more in our future!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks like a lovely place! I'm not a huge seafood fan but that Crab restaurant looks like a ton of fun! Happy 1 year!

  2. These pictures are amazing! I can't get over the gators. So scary, but really neat!



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