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#WEverb11 #6-#11: Playing Catch-Up #1

Rather than bombard you with several posts, I thought I would group them together from now on. Here's the first set to catch-up! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#6:  Favor

What was your favorite month of 2011?  Why did it beat out all 11 the other months?
      contributed by Jen [] 

Ok, so I feel like all my replies are baby related, but hey that's what happened this year.

My favorite month was June!  That's when Alex was born!  I feel like the 5 before that were all just waiting in anticipation.  The 6 after that were great too
#7:  Travel

Where did you travel this year? What was your favorite part? If you didn’t get to travel, where do you want to go next year?
      Contributed by Allison []

I feel like we actually did get to travel quite a bit this year.  I went to my parents house 4 times this year, which is a ton!  At the beginning of the year we also got to go to Lake Tahoe, which was fun (though I wish I could have actually skiied!  I think my favorite part of all our traveling was everyone meeting Alex.  I was so happy he got to meet so much family and all of the love they showed us.  Next year I hope that we get to go on vacation as a family!
#8:  Choose

What was the biggest choice you made in 2011? What caused you to choose what you chose?
      contributed by Melissa [] 

The biggest choice we made in 2011 (Though I guess it was really 2010) was Alex, and we had to 'cater' to him.  That meant we couldn't go out and just do whatever/whenever.  That felt huge to us.  Sometimes we felt stuck at home, but he is so easy/versatile that we definitely went out a lot and were not those ppl that stay home and do nothing because we have a kid.  We chose to work him into our lives instead of letting him keep us from what we want to do.
#9:  Appreciate

In which moment did you find yourself flooded with gratitude? How will you rally around gratitude in 2012?
      contributed by Megan [] 

I'm pretty sure this goes without say, but the moment I saw my son for the first time was just a flood of emotions.  Gratitude being one of them.  The fact that we were able to have a baby and not struggle like so many people do.  That he was healthy and a fairly 'easy' newborn.  That we had friends and family around us that loved him already and did whatever for us and him!
#10:  Create

Share a creative project you undertook this year (art, writing, DIY, cooking, home decoration, crafts, photography … whatever comes to mind). How do you use your creativity to express yourself?
      contributed by Tara [] 

I was all ready to say my creativity was pretty low this year and then I went back and looked on the blog and realized that I felt extremely creative when we did the wall to the nursery!  I seriously love it so much and when I'm sitting and feeding Alex, I'll just look at it and think of the fun we had painting it and making it work.

I find that creativity is the easiest way to express myself because sometimes I tend to struggle with words, but when I create something I feel really proud of it and want the person I created it for to feel loved and the work that I put into it.  I really hope that in 2012 I can put my 'creative cap' back on and do some more projects than I did in 2011.
#11:  Try

What 12 new things do you want to do/accomplish in 2012?
      contributed by Kimba [] 

These aren't all new, but all things I want to do/accomplish!
  1. Run in a 10K race
  2. Pay off my car! - This will be the first car I've 100% owned
  3. Seek out a new job
  4. Some re-decorating around the house (mostly just accessories)
  5. Create Alex's 1yr book
  6. Finish my pregnancy book
  7. Create photo books for the last few years and/or organize/back-up photos.
  8. Reorganize my office/workspace/craft/sewing area
  9. Highlight/Color my hair - I know this sounds silly, but I've never had my hair salon colored and only highlighted once (like 7yrs ago)
  10. Find local things to do around Raleigh - especially free/kid friendly
  11. Get myself back to church more regularly - We attended regularly before Alex was born, but a newborn really got us off track.
  12. Read more!  I was reading lots before and I don't think I've read a single book since June. 

For more info on #WEverb11, check it out here, and join in!

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