Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nursery Reveal

After much taping and painting and washing and moving and nailing, baby c's room is 99% completed!  If you remember, I posted my inspiration photos for the nursery here and here, we ended up going with the squares thanks to your awesome comments.  The last 1% to finish is the letters for his name that we ordered that have not arrived yet and probably won't be here until the middle of June (which is why you see a nice blank green wall in the first picture).

Looking in from the doorway:

My favorite wall:

Close-up of the decals:

 Dresser and Changing station:

Crib and Book shelf:

Lots and lots of clothes washed and ready for baby c to wear!

I'm quite happy with the way that it all turned out!  It is definitely much, much, much brighter than I would normally do.  The letters will go over the back wall where the crib is.  I'm pretty sure the squares on the wall are my favorite.  I am glad we got the decals to put on that wall they really do look great!  I'm also glad I won the book shelf debate!  :-)

So glad that it's done!  Now we just need a baby to put in there!


  1. Adorable! I like all of the colors on the wall.

  2. LOVE the nursery! Especially the wall- how did you do the squares SO perfectly?

  3. It looks great!! He will love it!

    I'm so impressed you went bold and patterns - this is something I struggle with all over the house. Maybe baby rooms are easier to go a bit bolder on?

  4. I LOVE the nursery! That green is such a nice, calming shade, and I love the wall with the squares! It looks great!


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