Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great weekend!

We had a great long weekend.  I don't think I could have asked for anything more (except for if I had taken pictures to share).

Friday I got out of work a little early, finished sealing the envelopes to my Luau invitations and waited for KC to get home.  We popped by the mailbox to send them out, and then headed out to the mall.  I finally got my iPhone charger fixed and got a new shirt at Old Navy.  We finished the night by meeting a friend for sushi for dinner and then just hanging around the house.

Saturday, I felt like a social butterfly.  We got up early and headed out to play paintball.  I will admit I was scared that I was going to end up with big welts on my but I didn't get hit on any body parts (only the mask and paintball gun), so I made out pretty well.  The girls only played about 5 games or so and then sat out (it got really busy) and the guys played 5 or so more games afterwards.  After getting lunch with these friends we said our goodbyes and met-up with my sister and another friend for a little pool time.  It was a really nice day, not too hot so a few hours by the pool was rather relaxing.  After a quick shower we met up with another friend for dinner at the Irregardless Cafe and it was delicious.  I love salmon and wish I cooked it more at home.  It is one of my favorite meals to get when we are out.  After dinner and some drinks at a downtown pub with a great view of the city we met back up with the first set of friends for a few more drinks.  I felt like we were all over the place.  It was a late night and I may have consumed 1 too many beverages but it was definitely a fun day.

Sunday we visited the Duke Forest for a short hike.  I have some pictures at home of Maya during the hike, maybe I'll add them in later.
 ETA:  here's a cute picture of KC and Miss Maya during our hike.

This was followed by an awesome lunch of a DQ blizzard - yum!  After some groceries we headed over to a friends to cook some dinner and hang out.  Turns out we didn't miss the fireworks afterall.  His house was situated so that we could see the fireworks people were setting off in other neighborhoods at their houses, it was kinda fun.

Monday brought us another hike, and then lots of cleaning so we can get ready for the next 3 weeks of craziness July brings us.  Last night we watched "It's Complicated" and laughed the entire time, what a great movie!

After all the cleaning and laundry it was definitely apparent that it's time to go through my closet and get rid of some clothes.  Ugh, not fun, buuuut that should mean I get to replace some too right?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! And those invites are so cute!! Way to go!


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