Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear (Shoe-Shopping) Stores

Dear (Shoe-Shopping) Stores,

We haven't formally met, but I'm Lauren.  To tell you a little bit about me, I don't pay full price and I'm a lot little picky.  I am a visual person and would prefer to go try things on in the store before I purchase them.  To speed up the process, I sometimes peruse your website to see what you have and if there's something that I might like.  Now, I am rather appreciative that you actually have a website that shares your merchandise, so please don't get my wrong there.

I have been perusing for a while today and came across some shoes which I love and MUST HAVE.  I was excited because my sister and I, we're going shopping tonight!  Then I see it, two ugly little words:  "Online Only".   But, but, but no, I want need them, I have to have them!!

I already went through this once with a different chain and I visited 3 of their stores (that's right 3 of them) to find the ever elusive sandals that were the object of my affection, but they didn't have a single pair, anywhere.  I loved these babies, but they were no where to be found.  I haven't gone back there since.

I'm not sure you understand what it's like for a flip-flop only kinda girl like me to finally find a pair of sandals that I want.  I know I'm picky, but I can't help it.  Can you please just help a girl out just one time.  I mean really, what did I ever do to you.

Please don't stop posting items to your site, but I would appreciate if you could have like an "Online Only" section so that I don't have to get my hopes up for my shopping trip (like Old Navy does).

shoe/online shopper at your store


  1. Just stoppin' by from New Friend Friday. I too am a newlywed blogger and I love (not like) LOVE shoes. Your blog is cute. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I have a hard to fit foot, and have had very bad luck with buying online. Even instore, I have to try on about 10 pairs before I find one that works for me.... not a fan of online only either.

  3. Hey Lauren! I'm visiting from New Friend Friday...your picture caught my eye since I'm a newlywed (7 weeks!) and anything in a wedding dress usually has my attention:-)

    I too am a flipflop girl who has finally tried out far the verdict is still out on they're very cute!


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