Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dream Job

While I was away at a Wedding in KC's family this weekend, I was admiring the photographer and realized how much fun she was having.  So I started thinking, if money, location and education were not a factor, what would your dream job be.  (I should say that this is nothing against my current job, which I do like, and I am so very happy to have a job!)

Only problem was, I couldn't come up with just one, so here are my top dream jobs (in no particular order).

  1. Photographer - I would love to be able to capture people, their feelings and their memories.  There are so many different things you can see in a photograph it's amazing.   When I read photography blogs I get goosebumps at the gorgeousness of their photos.
  2. Event/Wedding Planner - As I was trying to blog last night a friend was over at our place printing her envelopes for her wedding invitations (Outer, Inner & RSVP) and it made me think how much I enjoyed planning my own wedding.  With the Luau Shower not too far away, I'm working on planning out the food, decorations and everything that is going to happen.  I have a knack for paying attention to detail and keeping things organized (which is to my advantage for the most part).  I think this job would have endless possibilities and would never get boring.
  3. Invitation/Stationary Designer - I don't think that I have shown my invitations around here, but I absolutely loved them.  They set the tone for the wedding and everything was carried throughout the whole thing (remember that attention to detail I mentioned).  As my friend has been planning her own wedding I've been helping her to tell her designer what she wanted and how she could explain it to him, most of the time I just wanted to do it so she could send him an example.
  4. Website/Blog Designer - When I started my blog (on WordPress) I wanted to badly to make it my own, I decided to move to blogger for a bit more flexibility.  For now I'll be hanging around blogger because it allows me to customize things a bit more than WordPress and I'm not sure I want to commit to my own maintenance, etc.  I do like playing around with the look and would love to be able to create templates for bloggers to use.  (I say that and my own blog is someone else's template :-) )
  5. Special Needs Children's Teacher - This is something that I've wanted to do since I was young.  I remember helping out in the classrooms at school and being a 'lunch buddy' to a student once a week.  It was one of the most rewarding things I did in grade school.  I just wish I had stuck with it a bit more.

Looking back at my list, I'm surprised by a few things.  They are not related to my current job (like at all).  Many of them are 'art/design' oriented, did I mention that I can't draw a lick and my whole house is brown.

What I'm not surprised about is that, none of them are 'fame-oriented'.  While I would love to be a famous actress/athlete/singer, being the center of attention would get to me quickly.

I'm sure I'm not the only on that day-dream about other jobs!  What are your thoughts?

**  This picture makes me laugh because when things are crazy at work, a co-worker and I will just say to one another "I love my job".  Gets us through the day! **


  1. I would absolutely love to be a wedding planner. I think it would be so much fun. I love the crazy details and am so OCD about keeping things organized--it would be fun to do that for someone else to relieve their stress!

    Like you, not at all related to my current career. Perhaps I could throw in a pre-nup and divorce package?? (awful, I know)

  2. Your dream jobs don't sound that different than mine! None of them are anything I could actually go out and pursue though for lack of any skill in those areas. Oh to have the time and money to one day say " I think I am going to start a line of stationary" today.


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