Saturday, July 3, 2010

Luau Shower Invitations

We will be hosting a couples shower in a few weeks and I finally finished the invitations Thursday night.  I had posted about some Stampin' Up supplies that I had intended on using but time just go away from me to have them ordered, etc.  I had some things starred in my Google Reader so I went back to check them out.  I had these three invitations saved and I was on a mission.

First up was to find some fabric.  KC agreed to go to Joanns with me and helped me pick out some fabric for the invitations.  Picked up some adhesive and I was ready to get to work.  I wanted to use some old paper I had from our wedding that we weren't going to use, so I cut it in 4 (4.25 x 5.5).  I then cut fabric about an inch wider all around (6.25 x 7.5) and then ironed it.

Armed with spray adhesive, I attached the base sheet to the fabric.  I've never used spray adhesive before but I quickly found out that it is sticky and gets everywhere! I advise that you cover your table or whatever with newspaper if you're going to use it.   (If you're wondering how to get adhesive off your kitchen table, try Orange-Glo - not that I'd know or anything :-) - Just don't ask me how to get it off your hands, it's still here 2 days later! )

I then cut the corners out of the fabric.  The adhesive was so sticky, I decided to do that before I glued one set of sides down.

I sprayed the long sides down first.  Then folded the corners in and then folded the edges up.  I find it easier to do things in an assembly line so this felt like it took forever!

Here's the final product of the backing piece after the edged are folded up.

And here's the back of the invitation.

I decided I couldn't find an image I liked for the front and that's where the other invitations came into play.  I started cutting out flowers from the fabric and then adhered them to the fronts.  A glue stick worked great for this.  Unfortunately I then ran out of fabric and had to fend off the old ladies at Joanns the next Sunday, but it was worth it.  I adhered the front with the spray adhesive again, it seemed to be the best option for the surface area it needed to cover. 

Here's the final product.  So sad that I had to blur it out, but I love the way that they turned out.  Even better that they are all different and no 2 look the same.  I did about 40 invitations, they took about 4 nights to do (1 - cutting, 2 - gluing the backs, 1 - gluing the fronts).  Overall it was worth it and I really hope they like them and the shower!

I wanted to share the other shower invitations I did for the bride's shower with her family, because they were a labor of love as well.
 I cut out all 50+ dresses by hand!  It was quite the task.  Next time I will not volunteer to do both sets of invitations!


  1. Wow. These look terrific! Can I come to the luau :)

  2. Wow! They look like you had them made! Awesome job!

  3. oh wow, these turned out really nice!! great work!!


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