Monday, June 6, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
  1. Another year down.  Today is my 28th Birthday!  I'm thinking I won't be sharing with baby c, but I'm ok with that.  Everyone says that when you share with your kid that you don't actually have a birthday again.  
  2. My first Christmas in my new Strawberry toy box!
  3. If you can't tell my maternity leave has started already.  So far in a week I've read 2 books and sat at the pool, and written a blog post for almost every day!  I've been doing my best to stay cool and just relax but it's hard!
  4. I saw these sandals at Kohl's in Red and Green but found them online in brown.  I'd change my whole wardrobe to red and green I love them so much!  If only they came in black too! (They were on sale for $13.99 this weekend so I ordered them in every color and I'll decide what to keep/return!)
  5. I am starting a new quilt to keep me occupied until baby arrives.  Even though this quilt-a-long is waaaay over, I'll be doing this design since I have a jelly roll that I'm not sure what to do with.
  6. I got my hair cut today!  I figured it would be the last time in a while before baby arrives.  I'm terrible at remembering when I last had it cut.  Since I don't like how she styled it, you'll have to wait to the weekly picture to see it.  :-)
  7. My parents and my sister got me everything on my wish list (except the baby), for my birthday, I feel so blessed!  I cannot wait to use my mom agenda!  (I'm such a nerd)
  8. Remember gmail as a baby book?  Well I got an email address for baby chapman. :-)  I'm holding out on the name until his arrival though.  I love the video so much I wanted to share it again.  :-)
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


    1. Happy birthday! You were such a cute baby.

      And those sandals look so comfy and cute, what a great find!

    2. Happy Birthday! :) Oh my gosh, that video is too sweet. Have to admit, made me tear up a little :)


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