Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Room Decor

 So, I don't have much but baby on the brain right now, so sorry if the next few posts are all baby related.

We just found out that our furniture is in and we're going to pick it up tonight.  I'm so excited, though we won't set it up for a few weeks.

Thanks to a friend's sister who works there and a sale they had going on, we got a great deal on it!

So far here's our plans for baby room decor.
Turtles and frogs! (The little turtle on the ground is my favorite, too bad he's on back-order, I must have him! :-) )  I think we'll do the room in two colors, (once we put in chair molding) but can't decide which colors to use.  I'm thinking blue and green.  We do everything in neutral in our house so I need to try to stay away from the brown and make this nice and vibrant for baby boy!

I haven't been able to find fabric storage bins that I like, but I think that I am going to make my own with the fabric from the crib sheets, thanks to one of these tutorials posted by Skip to my Lou.

Right now, I'm in search of 2 things, wall art and knobs for the dresser.  I'm thinking I'd like to get some different knobs, but I'm not 100% sure what I want.  I'm all over the place with wall art too.  As I was putting this post together I just saw this on Etsy and now we have to pick a name because I have to have this, it's perfect!  Ha ha.  I'm off to search etsy for some knobs too!

I also want to do a birth announcement print like I posted here.

I have to tell you it was much easier because baby c is a boy.  If he was a girl instead, I'm pretty sure I would have struggled to find something that I like at the store and would have to go the custom route. 

Where did you find your baby inspiration?  Did you find it hard or easy based on babies gender?  Any more suggestions?


  1. Such cute baby room inspiration!

    And I really love the sage green on the walls in your inspiration picture--so perfect to go with the turtles and frogs. Can't wait to see the finished nursery!

  2. This room is going to be so so cute!! My good friend just got her nursery furniture from JC Penny and I helped put it together - it was great quality but it took us forever to do the changing table! So make sure you either get it put together by someone else or set aside a bunch of time!

  3. So many cute things!!! The babies room will be adorable.


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