Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

Can't believe it's Thursday already!  The weather here is looking great.  Lot of things floatin' around to share!
  1. Today I felt victorious as I found another non-maternity shirt that I could wear comfortably without feeling like I was stretching it out!  I'm so sick of my maternity wardrobe!
  2. I've had my iPhone for 1yr and 3mo and I finally figured out how to take a screen shot on the actual phone.  Not sure how I didn't figure that one out sooner.
  3. Tonight I'll be helping my sister make invitations for my baby shower.  Is that weird?  I saw an idea where instead of bringing cards people bring their favorite children's books.  I like the idea but I've read mixed reviews on it.  What do you think?  I have a poem that someone used but it's super long, need to find something shorter if we go that route.
    I want to be a bright child
    As smart as I can be.
    That is why I am hoping
    My mom will read to me.
    If you plan to bring a card
    Please take another look,
    I would like to learn My ABC's
    From your favorite storybook!
    Please sign your name
    As your personal touch.
    Baby Chapman thanks you
    Beary beary much!
  4. I ordered 4 dresses as possible options to wear to my showers, weddings/receptions and all the other things I have to go to soon.  Any other suggestions where to shop for maternity clothes, so far, my go to's are Old Navy, Gap, Motherhood Maternity, and Target.  I'm trying to spend as little as possible but it's heard wearing the same thing over and over again.
  5. I just found out that our neighbor is pregnant and due 6 days before me with a little girl. We don't get outside much in the cold weather so we hadn't really seen our neighbors and we don't really talk to them too much just polite conversation. Now I'm kind of excited. She'll be off while I am, maybe we can have some playdates when the kids are old enough!
  6. I got an invitation to my 10-year high school class reunion.  Holy cow, it's been 10 years?!?!?!  I don't think I can go (not sure if I even want to go), but can't believe it's been that long.
  7. I just realized that today is my 1-year blogging anniversary.  Yeah!  I guess I took a short break, but I can't believe I stayed with it as long as I did.
  8. I am trying to decide what to do with my blog design, I've tried to do it myself and keep it simple, but I can't get it right.  Do you have any suggestions for places you've used or maybe a place that sells 'pre-mades' (gasp) for a good price.
  9. Remember when I posted about a great deal on a photo shoot?  Well we finally scheduled it for April, kind of a couples/maternity type shoot I think.  So excited!
  10. A friend sent me a link to a site that I thought was funny.  Maybe you've seen it but I thought I'd share.
Hope you all are having a great Thursday!


  1. I am no where near the planning baby shower stage but for the past few years I am obsessed with the idea of people bringing my future babino books. I always wanted it to be that they bring the one book that they remember and loved from their childhood so that I could raise my baby will all those good stories! - LOVE that idea! (Cute Poem too!)

  2. I've always wondered how iPhone peeps take a screen shot!!

  3. I've never actually been to a baby shower, but I think bringing books is such a great idea! I was a huge fan of books as a little kid, and still have my collection of Little Golden Books.

    Oh, and I'm getting my blog redesigned soon, and I know that Joy (who is designing my blog) has some great pre-designed templates ( and so does Kelly from Blushink ( Good luck!

  4. I love the book idea for the baby shower. I almost always give books to the new moms and they love them! Great idea. And happy blogiversary! Congrats on 1 year! It's a great blog and I hope you'll keep it up for another year (at least)!


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