Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lake Tahoe Recap!

Back in July we started planning a trip to Lake Tahoe, CA.  M lives out in Sacramento so we decided that we'd go out there and pick her up and head to Tahoe for a week.  We'd get some skiing/snowboarding in and have a good time.  Well baby boy put a bit of a damper on those plans and I could no longer go skiing (though we'd already made flights so plans must go-on!).  The boys could still go snowboarding so after some planning (on the part of M and I) we headed out to Sacramento.

We left early Wednesday morning and flew into Sacramento.  At the airport while we waited for our luggage we enjoyed the cool luggage sculpture.

 I have to say that most of the vacation for me was sitting around and relaxing.  I didn't have Internet access often, a few hours a day so I didn't do as much blogging as I had hoped (ok, I did none).  When I did have Internet I worked for a few hours.

The boys snowboarded in Squaw Valley on Wednesday night, Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

Friday we visited NorthStar Resort.  M and I stayed inside at the Ritz for the day and enjoyed some time by the fireplace (with hot cocoa of course!) while the boys did some snowboarding. 


The views were gorgeous regardless of where we were.  One night we went up the gondola to the Olympic Village in Squaw Village and took some great pictures.  That's were I took my 21 weeks picture too!  We got there at the perfect time for the sunset right behind us!

We spent Saturday walking around Tahoe City where I got my the awesome onsie for baby boy!  I also made some cute Thank You cards for my baby showers, but I'll post those when I'm done with them all!

Overall it was just so much fun and I was so thankful for the time to relax.  There was no 'structure' to our vacation, no timeline to get places and do things.  We lucked out and our flight home on Tuesday was through Denver, Co. instead of Chicago or Austin in which case we would not have made it home so successfully without a few day delay.


  1. I have made it a point when I'm on vacation to try and not look at the clock, it works! Looks like you guys had a blast. :)


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