Friday, February 11, 2011

(Baby) Etsy Finds!

There are so many things to register for baby boy it's ridiculous.  Meanwhile, I've found some super cute things on Etsy that are not necessary but on my list of things that I want for sure!

Bumbo Cover - I posted this last week, but I love them!

Milestone Onsie Decals - I would love to make some onsies for baby boys' monthly updates!  There are so many options out there!

Holiday Decals - I've never seen the holiday decals before - how adorable!
images via  So many cute options!

Hooded Towels - This frog and duck adorable.  So many cute options!
Seat Belt Strap Covers - They're reversible too!

Birth Announcement - I would love to get one of these after he is born!

Are you a big Etsy shopper?  Do you have any shops that you'd recommend?  (not necessarily baby!)


  1. These ideas are so so cute! I almost want to buy all of them for my friends who are having their first babies this spring/ summer!

    I love love LOVE Etsy and make all my friends search there when they want cute ideas. I'm currently helping a friend search through the site for some Nursery Art for their little boy due in May.

    Good finds!

  2. I love Etsy but a lot of US sellers want $15 to ship small things to Canada. That's CRAZY expensive. So it makes me sad that I can't buy a lot of nice things. Like really? the shipping shouldn't be more than the product.


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