Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a . . . . . .


We are so excited that we will be welcoming a son into our arms in June.  Funny enough, I was migrating to the boy stuff every time we went to the store so that was my guess.  There are lots of old wives tales and gender predictors and about 75% of them actually predicted boy for us, so that was kind of cool!

We found out yesterday but not without a few hurdles in the way.  You see, we live in the south, where they just can't handle any type of weather.  Monday and Tuesday KC and I worked from home so that we didn't have to battle the roads.  Tuesday was pretty bad out, it's hard for them to get to all the roads and get them treated with such little equipment, so it's understandable.  Our appointment was Wednesday morning at 9AM, so we had been psyching ourselves up much of the day Tuesday.  Tuesday night I hadn't seen anything on the TV that says the office was closed, so I logged onto their web page to find out that the office wasn't opening until 10AM on Wednesday.  NNNOOO!  That meant my appointment needed to be rescheduled.  I grudgingly went to work and picked up my phone at 10AM to call the office to reschedule, at the same time, my cell phone started ringing and I picked it up hoping it was them and it was.  She said, can you make it for 10:30?  I told KC, hung up the phone and left.  It takes half an hour to get there with traffic, etc.  We made it just in time.

It was so exciting when the tech said that we would be welcoming a son with 100% certainty!  She said he was showing off for us.  The ultrasound was really cool to see, he was super active and rolling around so I am guessing that when we do start feeling him, he'll be like an acrobat and never stop!  The tech was great and showed us so many different things and measurements and different angles.  I'm not a big fan of posting ultrasound pics though, so just trust me, it was cool.  Plus, he's weighing about 9ounces according to the measurements, so he's a little bit big!  Let's hope that his growth slows down, a 9lb+ is not my idea of fun!

We haven't decided on a name but have decided that we won't be sharing it when we do, until the birth.  Though everyone is offering up lots of suggestions.  :-)

So, this weekend, I'll be heading to start registering.  What are your recommendations?  I really don't want to get a bassinet or cradle and would rather use the pack-n-play, but my mom disagrees.  What did you do?  Anything you would say was a must on your registry?

Thanks for all the great comments over the last few weeks.  So great to be back to blogging!


  1. Congrats! That's wonderful news, and so exciting that you can now start buying baby boy clothes and toys!

  2. YAY for baby boys! I also don't want a bassinet but so many people say to get one. So I registered for one and if people buy it for us great, but if not we will just get by without it. I would ideally like to use the crib from the beginning.
    We registered at Babies R us. But go in store to do it, because then you get a free gift basket with so many things on it! But if you start your registry online, you don't get it. Boo.

  3. Congratulations!!! That's such great and exciting news!! Yay!!


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