Monday, August 1, 2011

Bye Bye Baby Weight Week 2

Week 2:

This Week’s Loss/Gain: -2.4lbs (might be a bit off b/c I didn't weigh in last week)
Total Weight Lost: 32.4lbs
Weight to Go: 14.6lbs

  1. I did all right with this, this week, I didn't always have 2 snacks a day but when I did they were decent snacks. I also ate 3 meals every day (at least from what i can remember).

  2. As for soda, I only slipped up one day, when we went out to dinner and they just kept re-filling, and of course I kept on drinking!

  3. I successfully drank 6 glasses of water each day, though it appears I don't drink much during the day and then drink a lot more/am really thirsty in the evening.

Right now I'm not going to count calories just yet. I'm going to see how I go making choices on my own.

This was good and bad.. The good is that I did something 4 days this week, the bad, not my goals, but I'm not disappointed. You see, it's just plain too hot to walk with Alex. The heat is just too much for him when it's 90+ at 9:00am. So I did the Shred 1 day and a short walk, took a hike 2 days, and went to the gym another day. The hike was shaded but I have to wear the carrier and it gets heavy. 1 day I carried Jim and the other, Kurt joined so he carried him. I did crunches 3-days and I'm up to 60 of each type (regular crunches, reverse crunches (just started to only at 40), and side crunches). So I'm not saying I met my goals, but I met a modified form of them.

Goals for this Week:
  1. Drink 8 glasses of water every day.

  2. Get exercise 5days this week.
    1. Visit the gym at least 2x this week

    2. Attend Moms in Motion 2x this week

    3. Either walk or do a video or go to the gym

  3. Determine how/when to start running, goal 5K is October 30th

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  1. Following you from the Baby Weight link up. I'm just starting out. Great job on 2.4lbs!! I hope I can follow in your footsteps. :)



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