Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To Be Honest . . . . .

  • I didn't intend to take a break over the last week, but it was nice.

  • I just realized that I have to go back to work in 6 weeks and that scared the crap out of me. Though I feel lucky too because some people only get 6-weeks off.

  • I'm tired of these diaper blowouts up the back (when using disposables). We've had at least one every day this week (even when I switched to the next size up). Any suggestions?!?!

  • I wish I had some 'mom friends' around here. I went to moms-in-motion today and it was nice, hopefully I can befriend some of the moms there.

  • I haven't been participating in Bye Bye Baby Weight because I can't seem to get myself motivated.

  • I am kind of over cloth diapers. Whenever he wears them, half of his clothes don't fit. I think it's probably because we did the one size ones, my fault but still super annoying.

  • I have 6 thank you cards to write and they should have been written a long time ago sitting on my desk.

  • I'm tired of people telling me that Alex is big. He's in the 80th percentile, he was big when he was born, what else can I say.

  • Glad I got that off my chest! Hopefully I'll be back to the blogging/commenting soon!


    1. My SIL only uses cloth diapers on her youngest & almost none of the clothes we buy her as gifts ever get worn because the diapers so large. I've learned to stick to dresses for her, haha.

      I'm sure you'll quickly make other mommy friends :)

    2. Oh, the diaper blow outs are so frustrating! We had terrible issues with them. What brand are you using? We were using Huggies because I heard it was better for boys, but I got so fed-up with always having to wash messes out of Wyatt's clothes, so I switched to Pampers "Baby Dry" diapers. They work so much better! We haven't had a blow out yet with them. So maybe try switching brands?

      People were telling me Wyatt was small for the first several months, and it started to get annoying - I kept wanting to say that no, he's right about average! But I think when they get older, people stop commenting on size so much. At least that's been the case for us.


    Comments make me smile!

    Have a wonderful day!