Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Randoms

  • I finally signed up for Pinterest.  I may now stay up all hours of the night.  If only I could add a 'Pin It' button to my RSS reader on my iPad (or am I missing something).
  • Alex hates napping.  I can't complain about his sleep at night, because he will go about 9hrs without getting up most nights of the week, we usually have a few nights where he wakes up a few times but will go back to sleep for goo after 30ish minutes (without a feeding or anything).  Now naps on the other hand, awful.  He was cat-napping and it was only 30 minutes like 6 times a day but he was always tired.  I know he needs more sleep than that but he refuses to go to sleep.  I need some help with a nap schedule and getting him to take longer naps.  Anyone have any suggestions?
  • I'm really looking forward to the new iPhone and hope it comes out soon, this old one is slow, doesn't hold charge and many, many other things.  Wishing it would happen before the middle of October right about now.
  • I'm in NY visiting family for a long weekend because K wasn't going to be home much for about 6 days.  Turns out Irene made them cancel his tournament so he spent the weekend home alone, oops.
  • Did I mention that it's freezing in NY.  It was 90+ last time I was here and yesterday it was in the low 60's.  No thanks!  I thought I was ready for fall but apparently not.
  • I am starting to panic about going back to work.  Can I pump enough/get enough sessions in?  What if Alex isn't on a napping schedule, what's going to happen when he goes to daycare?  Will I have any clothes to wear?  How will I fit it all into a day/week?
  • Tonight is my first draft for Fantasy Football!  I'm excited that we're going to have a football season this year!  I got a new Giants sweatshirt this weekend. Awesome.
  • I feel so dis-organized and I just don't know what to do to get back on track or keep track of things.  I've got several different systems going, and I need to consolidate them into 1.  I have a momAgenda but what does anyone else use?
And because a post without a picture is boring, here's one of the little guy yesterday before we went to church and breakfast. I love the dinosaur sweatshirt!


  1. He is getting so big! And that sweatshirt is the cutest!

    Oh, and by the way, October 7th is the latest date I've heard the iPhone 5 is coming out (I work in consumer electronics, and my company makes some products for Apple). Sorry it can't be sooner!

  2. Wyatt has a similar sleep schedule - he does wonderfully at night, but naps are hit-or-miss. I love the dinosaur sweatshirt! We have the same one. I think dinosaurs are adorable for little boys. :-)


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