Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flying with a baby tips?

Either towards the end of the month or beginning of next month, I'll be flying with Alex to my parents house. I'm a little nervous about it though and have a ton of questions, and I was hoping that some of you might have some tips for me.

  1. How old was your baby when you flew with them?

  2. Did you buy them a ticket or just hold them on your lap?

  3. What did you do while traveling through the airport? Carseat? Stroller? Did you plane-side check them?

  4. How did the baby do on the plane? What did you find helped soothe them? Feeding/pacifier, any other recommendations?

  5. Bring anything special on the plane?

  6. Has anyone traveled with their pump?

I think that's all! Sorry for so many questions! If you have any recommendations I'd appreciate it!


  1. I flew for the first time with our son when he was 12 weeks - he mostly slept and I breastfed him when taking off/landing to avoid any ear popping. One of my good friends has traveled with her TWINS multiple times and before we left she gave me this advice...

    I'm headed out in two weeks to fly with our son again - this time he's 7.5 months. I'm more nervous then the last time. I will say this - check the carseat at the ticket counter, take the stroller in and check it when you board.

  2. That was a great post she linked to- thanks! We leave this week for a 8 hour flight with our 3 month old! I'll let you know if anything jumps out at me. Most interesting advice I have been given is to take a bottle, get it filled with hot water after security, put in a chamomile tea bag, and give it to baby (after cooled) on the plane, to help relax the baby, after a regular feeding that is.


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