Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Goals

So I thought it would be a good idea to set some monthly goals for myself and see how I did at the end of the month.

  1. Blog for me! - I am struggling with blogging here because I don't want it to be all about Alex, but you know what, that's my life right now and that's what's going on, that's what I'm going to blog about, and hopefully I don't lose readers.

  2. Continue breastfeeding Alex - So far this is going pretty well, but somedays it's a little frustrating. We've successfully gone 2 months and now we try for 3!

  3. Work on Alex's sleep schedule - I'll post an update in his monthly post next week, but we've been working on night time sleeping this past week. A nap schedule is next on my list!

  4. Feel good about my body - I've got about 8lbs left of baby weight to lose and would like to lose a little more, but really the number is not that important. It's about feeling good about my body and the way I look!

  5. Take more pictures with my camera - So far I've taken a picture of Alex every day, but not all of them with the camera, some with the iPhone and I'd really like to take 1-day with the camera (and the iPhone too somedays!)

  6. Carve out time for just the hubby and I once a week - We are working really hard on us time, but it doesn't always happen. I know it won't be easy, but at least once a week, I'd like us to have us time, whether it's just watching a movie, or going out to dinner (even if Alex is with us).

Whew, thats a lot! Let's see how I do!


  1. Those are some great goals. I think you most definitely write about whatever's going on in your life right now, regardless of whether or not you loose readers. Honestly, if they dont like it someone else will :)

  2. Those are great goals! You can totally do it. :)


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