Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tips for Bringing Home Baby

I came across this post by Alexandra (aka Shortcake on Weddingbee), that I wanted to share and ask if anyone has any other great suggestions.

(I parsed it out a little, but give 100% credit to her)

  • prepare everything, in advance.  Sure, you can run out and grab things as you need them, but those first couple of weeks can be mighty hard.  Give yourself a break and plan ahead!
  • Wash, dry, and put sheets on your crib or bassinet.
  • Set up your changing table or area with supplies.  Make sure you have at least one large box of newborn diapers, and a couple boxes of size one diapers.  If you are cloth diapering, make sure you have prepped (washed 4-5 times) your absorbent pieces (flats, prefolds, inserts, etc) in advance.  Even if you are using cloth, it's a good idea to have some disposables on hand for meconium poops, which can be difficult to wash out.
  • Stock your fridge and freezer with easy-to-prepare meals.  Make sure you have essentials (milk, butter, eggs, cereal, pet food) on hand before you're due.  Freezer cooking is a great way to fill up and stock up!
  • Arrange for someone to come and help you everyday, or stay with you, if possible.  Don't be afraid to ask for help!
  • Sleep when the baby does.  I didn't do this - the temptation was too great to stay up and get things done. BUT, everyone will be happier and healthier with more sleep.  Sleep - just do it.
  • Install the baby's car seat and have it inspected.
  • If you have a dog, let the dog meet the baby outside of your home. 
  • Be flexible - let go of any pre-conceived notions you may have about mothering. Be willing to learn from those who have been there. At the same time, trust your instincts - motherhood is scarily instinctual, and you'll know your baby best!
  • Write down every pee, poo, and feeding (and side if you're breastfeeding) for the first two months.  This will help you see patterns, as well as if your baby is getting enough to eat.  This information is invaluable if you need medical assistance or breastfeeding advice!

Did you receive any other advice that you think is share worthy or anything that you found was important when you came home?

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  1. Those are pretty good tips! Since I'm 3 days overdue I'm glad I've got it all covered!


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