Monday, April 4, 2011

NY Baby Shower Recap

Last weekend I flew up to NY to visit my amazing family and friends up there and my mom and sister hosted a baby shower for baby chapman and my grandparents house. It was so sweet and my mom went all out with the 'turtle theme'. I forgot my camera so these were the pictures that I could 'scrounge' up from family members before I left on Sunday.

When we walked in there was a clothesline hanging in the kitchen with a bunch of different baby items on it. We played a fun game, where my mom went through and listed each item and where she bought it and had people write down the (regular) price they think the item was. Afterwards everyone added up their totals and the winner was the one with the closest total. Baby stuff is so expensive! Good thing I never buy anything full price. :-)

There was a mountain of gifts for baby chapman.  He was spoiled, spoiled!

On top of that, most of the 'big' items got shipped to a friends house close to home so we didn't have to figure out a way to get them all home since I was flying.  I feel like it took forever to open gifts, a few highlights:

  The baseball glove is from my dad, so cute!  My mom and dad recorded themselves reading the bear book too.  It was so sweet and lots of tears when we listened to it.  The put on the invitation to bring books instead of cards, so we now have a mountain of books sitting on a shelf in the nursery, waiting to be read to baby chapman.

I hope you like my 'shiny' legs.  It was so cold in NY that I made my mom go to the only store in town (WalMart) and get me a pair of nylons.  Hot stuff right there.

My grandmother made this super cute cake!  She used to make cakes a long time ago, professionally and she did a fantastic job!  This was her first time using fondant and she made the turtle on top completely out of frosting.

 Not too many pictures of people, but lil Miss Avery joined us and got passed around and she was such a good girl!

And the awesome belly shot comparing to Uncle Bill when he stopped by!

Everything was great!  The food was delicious and there were so many little details, it was great.  Thanks to my mom and sister for all that they did!


  1. Baby showers are so fun, especially when they're for you! And the cake is beautiful!
    I just came across your blog and thought I'd say hello! :-) Congratulations on your baby boy! Little boys are so fun!

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! I just found your blog & read where you are from NC! I am too :)


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