Sunday, April 17, 2011

32 Week Update!

Holy cow, can't believe I didn't post at all last week.  Life was boring or super busy!

How far along? 32 weeks

How big is baby?  3.75 pounds/16.7 inches!  About the weight of a large jicama.

Weight gain? 29lbs

Symptoms? Still some rib pain. Indigestion and heart burn this week.

Sleep?  On and off this week.  Still under my ribs, so I'm pretty limited to my right side and that's about it. 

Food cravings? Still lots of ice (so weird) and popsicles/freeze-pops

Movement? All over.  He is definitely rolling around in there a ton.

Gender?  It's a boy! 

Clothes?  Maternity Pants and maternity tops and some regular cardigans. 

What I am looking forward to? Finishing the play-quilt I started.  I have the top pieced and I have basted it (my least favorite thing to do).  All that's left is quilting and binding.

What am I missing? This week not too much really.

Milestones? He now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (or at least respectable peach fuzz). His skin is becoming soft and smooth as he plumps up in preparation for birth.

Other? Baby Shower #2 was this weekend in NC, my family and friends once again spoiled baby chapman.  Mom and grandma came to visit and we washed tons of baby clothes and blankets and diapers and everything!  It's all put away.  The nursery is coming along, but I want to show it all at once I think.  Looking forward to pictures on Tuesday.


  1. Isn't the craving for cold things so odd? I have that too.

  2. Bummer, I'm sorry you're having indigestion! Hope it goes away soon.


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