Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Monday - 3/15

Menu - Week of 3/15:

This week's menu is pretty simple compared to last weeks.  Not too many new recipes this week, just a carry-over from last week.  Last week was successful, see the recap below!  I'll be updating the Recipe Round-Up page soon as well.

Here's what it looks like for this week:

(Click to enlarge)

  • Monday - Perfect Pot Roast - Carried this over from last week because KC was out-of-town over the weekend and wasn't going to be home in time.

  • Tuesday - Indian - Butter Chicken Curry - We use the Kitchens of India Curry Paste and love it, it's so easy!  They also have naan at the grocery store in the bakery section which goes great with it!

  • Wednesday - Easy Italian Pasta - This is one of our favorites, and another easy one.  We've modified it a little to use a can of diced tomatoes and I think it's better that way.

  • Thursday - Ranch Chicken - Another easy one that comes right from the dry packet mix.

  • Friday - Grilled Salmon - Haven't tried this recipe yet.  I'm not big on cooking fish (though I do like it), but it's Lent and we abstain from meat on Fridays during lent.

  • Saturday - Out - I'm giving us a freebie day this week.  We did very good last week and didn't eat out once (or I didn't, KC was out-of-town which makes it hard).  That's unusual for us, we usually go out ~2x a week, but are trying to cut back to 1x

  • Sunday - Chicken Parmigiano - I made this a few weeks ago and I've been looking forward to it again.  It's a simple recipe if you need one, let me know.

New Recipe Menu Recap:

  • Tuesday - Chicken Enchiladas - These were delicious!  We loved them.  I think I might make a modification next time (use salsa instead of pico-de-gallo in the chicken), but otherwise it was a hit and will be added to the rotation!

  • Wednesday - Pasta alla Marlboro Man - Another delicious first!  The rosemary flavoring was strong, but I didn't mind it.  I might use diced tomatoes instead of whole tomatoes next time.

  • Thursday - Chicken Curry - This is not a keeper in my book.  Though KC really wants a curry recipe, so if anyone has one, please pass it on.

  • Sunday - Perfect Pot Roast - We're having this tonight, I'll update next week.

If you have other suggestions/recommendations, let me know, we're always looking for some new ideas.

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