Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh what a day . . . .

Do you ever have one of those days . . . . . . I had every intention of writing a few different posts over the last few days and nothing.

But today, today took the cake. . . . .
  • I forgot to bring a pacifier for Alex to daycare (took it home yesterday because he was fussy).
  • Today was bring your favorite book day to daycare and I forgot that also.
  • Then, I get there to pick him up and he's wearing something I've never seen.  Turns out he only had 1 spare outfit in his cubby and wet through/messed on the one he was wearing and the spare one. 
  • Then, we planned to stop at the store after work/pick-up and we get inside and I realize, I have no diaper bag/nothing - no diapers, no pacifier, no blanket, no toys.  It's not something I normally bring with me every day and I didn't think of it today. 
But, luckily . . . .
  • They said he was fine at daycare and they sterilized an extra one and he used that if he really needed it.  Not ideal but ok.
  • Doesn't look like any other kids brought in books today.  At least we weren't the only ones.
  • They had some extra pj's at daycare that he was able to wear.  Thankfully he didn't have to wear just a diaper all day (Ok, I know they wouldn't have left him in a diaper, but still).
  • We made it through 2 stores with no meltdown, dirty diaper and the weather wasn't too cold so a blanket wasn't needed (He did have a jacket on).  He's so laid back and such a good kid.
So, I'll wallow in my fails/oopsies for the rest of the evening. 

Tomorrow brush it off, and start over again, it's a new day, right?  Happy hump day!


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, girl! None of us are perfect and Alex loves you no matter what! I have a hard time getting E and myself out the door just to run errands so I can't imagine how hard it must be getting to daycare and work on time. Hugs to you, friend.


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