Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

Apparently I'm not coming back to blogging as quickly as expected!  Some random thoughts for today.  (I've tried writing the post for several hours now!)
  1. We're leaving on Friday for Thanksgiving and flying to NY.  I'm so glad that I'm not flying alone this time!  Having Kurt with me will be super helpful.
  2. We had our pictures taken on Sunday and I'm looking forward to getting them back!  Unfortunately the babe is sick so he wasn't happy but he smiled for a few.
  3. Confession:  I turned iTunes on shuffle on Friday and it started playing Christmas music and I didn't change it!  Ok, I'm definitely not rushing through Thanksgiving, but I simply LOVE Christmas music!
  4. I'm actually coming up with a Christmas wish list this year.  Top on my list:  Clothes!  Being pregnant last year I didn't get any new clothes so my wardrobe is all out of sorts this year.
  5. I also need shoes.  I'm not one for heels, anyone have any comfortable flat-ish (casual and dressier) suggestions.
  6. Pinterest - I signed up a while back but still haven't figured out how to use it that well.  I can't figure out how to follow people unless they're my facebook friends.  I need some help!  Are you on Pinterest?  How do I follow you?  I'm adding my "follow-me" button so maybe if you follow me I'll find you.  Ha ha!
  7. I feel like I need a mega-crafting weekend or something!  I want to do some crafting ASAP but need the time.  What Christmas crafts are you working on that you'd suggest?
  8. Christmas gifts are as usual a mystery to me.  Luckily our "to-but-for" list has shrunk this year but I'm still stumped.  I like the idea of calendar's on Shutterfly for the grandparents, but that's about as far as I've thought.  I really should probably get on that.
  9. Alex is starting to grow out of his 3-6mo clothes. :-(  He's in that in-between stage, 3-6's are getting short and 6-9's/6-12 are big.  He doesn't have many of the next size up and I was hoping to wait and stock up during after-Christmas sales and from Christmas gifts.  I'm not sure if we can hold out that long though.
  10. And because I don't want to leave you with an odd number #10.  :-)
Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. I can't believe Alex is already so big!!

  2. Wow, Alex is growing so quickly. My nephew's only going to be 2 months & he's already in 3/6 months...maybe we're just having taller babies? haha

    I haven't started any of my Christmas shopping either. I don't even have a general idea of what I'm getting people. Yikes, I should probably get on that asap. Have a great week & don't stress on not blogging, it'll come to you when it's supposed to :)


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