Monday, October 3, 2011

To be honest . . . .

To be honest . . . . . I love my little bugger and being his mom, but after a trip to the Dr.'s office on Sunday (with a high temp), I'm worried that I'm missing something.  Should I have caught this earlier on Saturday? Is he eating enough?  Am I giving him enough attention?   (He's doing better, waiting for lab results)

To be honest . . . . . Being back to work is a high and a low.  Leaving him is such a low, and I feel so stressed having to go to work, stay on top of things, pump and make sure I get out on time to pick him up on time.  Then we get home and it's like 2hrs maximum with him and he's off to bed.

To be honest . . . . . My husband has been gone with his team for several weekends this summer and this weekend was the last one, but it really got to me.  I feel like we need some time to reconnect.

To be honest . . . . . I didn't even think about the blog all week/weekend and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Honestly, I'm going to take a bloggy break and see where it leads me.  Seems to me that the same thing happened this time last year and I felt better after a break (though I don't anticipating it being so long this time).

I hope you all have a fantastic week and enjoyed your weekend.  I'll be back sometime soon.  Happy fall y'all!

Oh and if you need your Alex fix, I still intend to post pictures on the baby blog.


  1. Have a good blog break! Sometimes it's good to just get away and refresh.

  2. I think these are all normal feelings. You should definitely take a break & see where it leads you :)

    I've been thinking of doing the same thing. Although for now it's been only weekends off the blog & by Monday I'm good to go again. Good luck.

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself! I think we all have the same types of feelings. Hope your bloggy break isn't too long!


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