Sunday, July 10, 2011

1 Month!

Happy 1 month Birthday Alex!

(the decals haven't arrived yet, they should have been here by now. Maybe next month!)

  • Not too much of a routine yet. We are starting to get a little bit of a feel for your sleep patterns.
  • During the night there is at least on long stretch, generally 5-7hrs (yes we had 1 - 7hr night and it was wonderful).
  • You generally sleep better during the day for dad than me.
  • You sometimes fight sleep and need to be swaddled and walked for a few minutes. Do not like your arms swaddled but after a few minutes give up the fight.
  • If you sleep more during the day we generally have a better night.
  • Nursing every 2-3 hours during the day.
  • During the night you will give us one long stretch, though we've had a few times where you'll give us a 5hr+ and 4hr stretch afterwards.
  • Started taking 1 bottle a day for the most part.
  • Nursing is going well and working on building up a stash already.
  • We don't have a 1 month check-up so we you weighed at home and it looks like you are about: 10lbs 9oz
  • At 2-week check-up you were 20", sounds like you shrunk from birth but most likely they just measured quickly, plus, had kind of a cone head from delivery. We'll see at 2 mo. check-up.
  • Wearing a size 1 in disposables (I like the Huggies Little Snugglers the best)
    • Decided for now, wearing disposables at night and when we go out somewhere, not ready to venture into handling cloth yet.
  • Started wearing cloth diapers for the last few days and so far ok, one minor leak today.
  • Wearing 0-3 months.
  • The newborn clothes only fit for a few days.
  • There is 1 brand of 3-6 I found in the closet that seem to fit already (BabyWorks). Not sure where they are from but we just have a few onsies. They seem to be shorter, glad I noticed them now and not when we started moving to the next size and realizing they were too small before you even had a chance to wear them.
  • With the NC heat, spending lots of time in just onsies or just a diaper and anything one piece is better.
  • You are a grunter. Sometimes in the middle of feedings and afterwards. Sometimes in the middle of sleep. It's funny.
  • Making lots more noises now.
  • Generally pretty happy. Seems like you're starting to smile a little bit too (at someone, not just randomly).
  • A poopy diaper generally starts with a pretty loud fart so we can tell.
  • Started to like the bouncy seat and the swing a little bit.

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