Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jack and Jill Shower Inspiration

Update: Candra if you do find this, please don't read it!  Thanks!

My friend is getting married in October and would like to have a shower here for guys and girls in addition to her shower up north with her family.  Since most of the other Bridesmaids live north, I've taken on the task of planning this shower and leaving the other one to them (plus it doesn't appear that the MOH's (sisters)) really want much input, but that's another story.  She asked for something fun and mostly just for people to have a good time and hang out.

I'm looking for ideas for "themes" or types of showers that go well with both guys and girls there.  My first thought is a "Mexican Fiesta" theme.  What makes this more appealing is that my friends owns Fiesta ware in practically every color.

Here's the inspiration board I've put together for the shower.  (This is my first one ever, so please don't judge :-), I didn't even do one for my own wedding!)

Source 1 - 6 & 10, 7, 8-9 & 11

I think I might have hit the jackpot at Party-City for most of my supplies if we go this route.

I'm looking for other suggestions for a Jack-and-Jill themed shower.  I'm also looking for 'games' or things to do.  We were looking at mini liquor bottles as 'prizes'.

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